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2015 Summer Sessions (dates changed)

Availability for summer sessions has recently changed a bit. Local friends (Nashville and surrounding areas), Iview full post»

Emily Miller ➸ Valley of Fire, Nevada

Just a little love from the desert. :) My lovely friend, Emily, traveled with me to Las Vegas, Nevada andview full post»

natural light lifestyle product photography in nashville tennessee available for travel world wide

pure handmade loveliness

So this happened in my kitchen yesterday. I am in love with this pottery by Handmade Studio here in Nashville. I meanview full post»

green family ⤖ st. joseph, mi

This session is making me miss the warm sandy beaches of Lake Michigan and summertime! I had so much fun photographingview full post»

HOPE SPOKEN!! ⤖ link-up

“5 things for HopeSpoken: – post your picture so that we can recognize you.  – introduceview full post»

how to get that look. ⤖ bright and cheery indoor shots

I hear a lot from brides about different aspects of weddings they’ve seen that they love.  Whether it be theview full post»

love song ↠ inspiration

I’ve been dreaming up this session for a loooong time now, but earlier this spring it all just kind of cameview full post»

Ivey Redding ↠ singer/songwriter

I was thrilled to work with Ivey and her mother, Tena, who came all the way from Atlanta, GA, on this session forview full post»

this family

I just can’t get enough of this little man! My brother and sis-in-law came to visit over Memorial weekend and itview full post»


I can’t even express the joy this session brings me. I traveled back to Farmington Hills, Michigan a few weeksview full post»

homemade wild blueberry granola

This blueberry granola is “husband approved”. If you  know my hubby… that’s a big deal. Weview full post»

mean green juice for breakfast

Dan and I have started juicing and it turns out to be one of the best decisions we’ve made! Now we eat all kindsview full post»

michigan|winter wonderland for baby

I am over the top excited to show you these images! Joey is my brother, Brit, my super gorgeous sis (in-law)….view full post»

quiet mornings

I’m feeling overwhelmingly thankful this morning. I love quiet mornings that allow me to meditate on theview full post»

just three chicks

… and two cats and a dog. The beginnings of a mini petting zoo. ;)  Yep, meet Gertie, Hazel, and Annieview full post»

Haylee Mariucci… weekend fun

I am so excited to share these pictures of my insanely gorgeous cousin! A few weekends ago she came to stay with Danview full post»

Weekend preview…

I got to spend this weekend with my absolutely stunning cousin, Haylee! AAALLLL the way from California! Of course weview full post»

Let’s fly a kite! …upcycled notebook

I am seriously obsessed with making these fun little notebooks lately!! This one is for a dear friend who is having aview full post»

Upcycled notebook

One of my dearest and longest friends just had her first baby! Lucy Jane. I just love that name! I made her thisview full post»

Getaway 2012

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Panama City with our church’s youth group. Dan has been onview full post»

Tomato, basil & spinach pizza.

I had fun playing with my food during pizza night this week! You can steal the recipe for this delicious pizza on myview full post»