One summer evening…

I can hardly believe it! Soon my partner in crime will be Mrs. Miller!! I am so thrilled for her and this brand new adventure she is starting!

Kolby and Emily are childhood sweethearts. A story for the books. :) They balance each other so perfectly.

One summer evening Emily found herself standing in her driveway staring at a limo Kolby sent for her. Shocked?? I’d say so. He sent her on an exciting wild goose chase all over Nashville finding clues, little trinkets, and love letters that led her to a big open field where he waited for her…. with a hot air balloon and a big question! After all these years, of course she said yes!

The rest is history.

We wanted to incorporate  as much of their story as we could into their engagement session. It was so much fun planning and shopping for this shoot. My hubby and I built the miniature hot air balloon you see at the end.

the box above is full of love letters and notes that were passed in the hallways of high school. Kolby had saved them and tucked them in his clues when he proposed, along with the locket necklace engraved with ” I love you”.

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